Are you looking for a professional affordable Nail/Eyelash Technician or Freelance Hairdresser in Solihull?

Hannah offers a wide range of services such as Freelance Hairdressing, Nail treatments such as Calgel, Bio Sculpture Gel, CND Shellac overlays on hands and toes, Nail extensions and sculptures and CND Vinylux Manicures and Pedi Cures. She also offers holly-wood semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Hannah is based in Hockley heath, Solihull.

If you are looking for fabulous Lashes, beautiful Nails or luscious hair, contact Hannah today to book an appointment, and receive 10% off your first treatment.

Glitz offers a wide range services including:

  • Calgel nails in Solihull
  • Calgel infills in Solihull
  • Calgel overlays in Solihull
  • Nail extensions in Solihull
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  • Bio Sculpture nails in Solihull
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  • Bio Sculpture overlays in Solihull
  • CND Shellac nails in Solihull
  • CND Shellac overlays in Solihull
  • Cnd Shellac overlays for feet in Solihull
  • CND Vinylux Manicures Solihull
  • CND Vinylux Pedicures in Solihull
  • Manicure gift vouchers in Solihull
  • Pedicure gift vouchers in Solihull
  • Prom nails in Solihull
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  • Mobile Hairdresser in Solihull
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  • Tanning in Solihull
  • St.tropez Tanning in solihull
  • Spray Tanning Solihull
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  • Hair up Solihull
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Holly-Wood Eyelash extensions Solihull
  • Semi-permanent eyelashes in Solihull